2010 Concert & Graduation Day

A MINI Concert & Graduation Day was held on 13 November 2010 at the Wawasan Hall ( Dewan Wawasan ) Kg.Medan for 63 Al Kindi Garden students. 2 twelve years old MCs ( Azreena & Afif )took their places at the side of the hall & Teacher Lina, on behalf of Al Kindi Garden management gave a speech thanking all the teachers and parents for their full support. "Support and motivation from both parents and teachers in creating a positive study environment will ensure learning effectiveness both at home and in kindergarten,"

Earlier during the day, 30 children from Diamond & Crystal Class received their graduation certificate signifying their pre-school completion.
There are several reading awards also presented to children who have excelled in their readings, and overall achievement awards in colouring & writing...
Keep up ur good performance, dudes!

The event continued with a concert which saw Al Kindi Garden Stars performing a variety of delightful & colourful performances, songs and dances such as Opening Speech in 3 Languages ( Arabic, B. Melayu & English ) Quranic Verses Recitation, Little Muslims Fashion Show, Hockey Pockey Song, Boria, Dikir Barat, Action Songs etc... What a Great performance, Kid! We're very proud of you all....& We Hope everyone enjoys themselves.

The concert was a huge success & everything went smoothly....
We’d like to congratulate everyone who was involved in making the whole event possible esp our Adorable Children, Teachers & MCs ( Azreena & Afif- they were from Al Kindi Garden 1st batch students ). All Of U did a Grrrreeeat Job indeed...

The whole process of the concert and graduation ceremony itself is a learning process to the children as well as their teachers. During the training and preparation for the concert, children are taught the importance of communication and coordination. Along the way, they slowly gain self confidence and learn how to work together with their friends.Teachers also learn from the whole experience. It takes a lot of patience and kindness to train children to perform in stage. Thank You Very Much, Teachers..


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